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Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Understand the methodology and applications of SNA with particular attention to the world of Social Media. We learn to analyze Twitter or Instagram conversations, a page or a Facebook group; to identify influencers and themes that create more engagement.

Social Network Analysis: advanced course

Identify micro and macro influencers. Recognize fake accounts (BOTs). Interpret the bipartite graphs. Analyze in predictive perspective themes and hashtags (associations rules).

Gephi for Network Analysis and Data Visualization

Gephi is the leading visualization and exploration software for all kinds of graphs and networks. Gephi supported formats. Plugins: installation and customization. Display layouts: choose the best ones. Attributes, filters and ranking. How to export data: formats and plugins.

Organizational Network Analysis

The Social Network Analysis applied to business organizations. How to design a survey, extract and analyze data. Identify key people in organization; who is crucial within the communication flows; who is perceived as a leader, innovator or change agent; which are the informal subgroups and how the different company departments and functions are integrated.

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